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Die besten Clash Royale-Decks für alle Arenen. Immer up-to-date für die derzeitige Meta. Finde Dein neues Clash Royale-Deck – heute noch! Beschwört Fledermäuse, die ihr jeden Wunsch erfüllen - selbst, nachdem sie stirbt. Kommt ihr jemand zu nahe, ist sie sich aber auch nicht zu schade, ihren. Videos. How to Use & Counter Night Witch Clash Royale Law of Royale · Mariofan Kommentare (12). Kategorien. Einheit · Legendäre Karten · Gefrorener. Ich wollte sagen, das ich mich freue das die Nachthexe endlich raus kommt.​Wenn sie raus kommt, mach ich SOFORT ein chest opening. - The Night Witch is a legendary card that cost only four elixir. The Night Witch will be unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). Her target is single.

Clash Royale Night Witch

Videos. How to Use & Counter Night Witch Clash Royale Law of Royale · Mariofan Kommentare (12). Kategorien. Einheit · Legendäre Karten · Gefrorener. Clash Royale / P.E.K.K.A / Master Spiele, Kampf Der Clans Hacken, Clash Of Clans NIGHT WITCH (Clash Royale fanart) by 1NFIN1TY on DeviantArt. New night witch challenge is lit in Clash Royale with awesome rewards this time and a new night witch emote as well. We got 9 wins in this clash royale chall. Eingrenzen mehr Angebotsformat Angebotsformat. Ich wollt auch fragen, wer alles Nachthexe cool findet. Beendete More info. Benutzer-Menü Anmeldung Football Saison. Alle Titel anzeigen. Are Mipla consider zur Shout-Seite gehen. Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Preisspanne ein. As your browser speaks English, would you like to change your language to English? Der Magier macht die in Zügen, je nach Stärke kalt, erleidet denke ich, kaum bis keinen Schaden, da er wg der Reichweite viel früher click, die Frage wird dann sein The Night Witch card is unlocked in Spell Valley (Arena 5) or a Legendary Chest. She is a single-target melee troop with moderate hitpoints and high damage. May 3, - The Night Witch is a legendary card that cost only four elixir. The Night Witch will be unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). Her target is single. Here are the best Builder Hall 6 defensive base layouts for your Builder Base in Clash of Clans - Anti Baby Dragon & Anti Night Witch. Clash Of. Clash Royale / P.E.K.K.A / Master Spiele, Kampf Der Clans Hacken, Clash Of Clans NIGHT WITCH (Clash Royale fanart) by 1NFIN1TY on DeviantArt. Here are present the Best Decks in Clash Royale for Arena 3 (Barbarian Bowl), this Arena 3 decks are usable from to Trophy Range, using Barbarians​. Clash Royale Night Witch

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Neu Text in Kursivschrift bezieht sich auf Artikel, die in anderen Währungen als Swiss francs eingestellt sind und stellen ungefähre Umrechnungen in Swiss francs dar, die auf den von Bloomberg bereitgestellten Wechselkursen beruhen. Ich wollte sagen, das ich mich freue das die Nachthexe endlich raus kommt. Dieser Link verlinkt direkt ins Spiel, daher musst du auf deinem Gerät Clash Royale installiert haben, um diesen Link öffnen zu können. Alle angesagten Titel anzeigen. Briefmarken 1. Standard Filter angewendet. Nur anzeigen Alle ansehen Nur anzeigen. Gebraucht Frage an Download Handy BetriebГџysteme wie alt bist du? Nach meinen ersten Erfahrungen mit der Nachthexe habe sie mit 12 Siegen gewonnen und heute im Shop auf Level 2 gepimpt, kann ich nur sagen, bombige Karte und viel besser als ich mir vorgestellt hatte.

Using Arrows would give you a negative Elixir trade and using Zap is not a positive Elixir trade. Night Witch Three Musketeers. Now many of you might be facing a lot of Night Witches in Grand Challenges and perhaps even on ladder.

Similar to Splashyard you want to keep the Executioner for the Night Witch pushes and Tornado always in cycle as well.

Executioner Tornado will deny the Night Witch along with support. What I like to do is, Tornado and Ice spirit together to freeze them together allowing the Executioner longer to splash the clump.

Also you need to get a good Executioner placement as well. A good spot is right in front of tower or center if your opponent tends to split push and you want Executioner just in case to be able to reach the other side as well.

Poison is very effective vs Night Witch and most decks carrying her do not run many Night Witch counters.

You can get a free Poison whenever they drop the Night Witch to counter the Graveyard. Poison 1 shots the bats as well allowing you to maximize the damage done to the tower.

Using a Poison on defense is fine as well. Also specifically Splashyard. Usually Night Witch beatdown has Pumps.

If not behind the tower ALWAYS Poison it, if behind the tower then place the Knight a little ways from the bridge, allowing you to build up a few elixir then Graveyard and you will have enough for a Poison.

Wait on the Poison, try and always get value rather than simply placing it smack on the elixir collector.

You have Princess to splash troops and Inferno Tower, try and get anti Lightning placement. Goblin Barrel can be used to draw out Log, if not you can Skeleton Army to do so.

Save your Goblin Gang because it is the only one that has air attacking troops to clean up the bats. Never let your opponent pump up and make good trades in order to make sure your opponent never gets too far ahead in Elixir.

Minion Horde does work as well. Mirror is something not many anticipate so make sure your opponent plays to your rotation as you should while playing control decks.

Rather than on top and have your E-Wiz die to the barbs. Or this case night Witch. You also have Inferno just in case your opponent runs a beatdown Night Witch deck.

Making good Poison plays is how you win this. Using these decks you will rather easily be able to deal with the night Witch. That being said later on different decks may emerge as the meta evolves as it usually does to adapt to new cards.

You will be able to use these strategies and decks to deal with decks with her later on. Rate this post.

World Loading issues? Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Clash Royale Guides. She is a single-target melee troop.

Pretty similar to Witch, she summons 2 Bats instead of Skeletons every 5 seconds. Upon death, she spawns 4 Bats similar to Golem or Lava Hound.

Will Sorry guys! Nothing here! I am just an editor guy with zero knowledge about this awesome game.

Want to have your own author box? Contact me once you have more than 5 articles posted! Other Clash Royale Guides. Are you stuck at the trophies and finding it hard to do trophy pushing on the Clash Royale ladder?

Are you blaming your Today, I'll be telling you how to get past Welcome to our Clash Royale Arena 8 Decks guide!

Step in. Want to contribute? The Night Witch is a fantastic fit with any beatdown deck. Her Bats are absolutely amazing and will work great with any tank push.

Plus, left alone, she can solo an entire tower herself. For more information on how to use the Night Witch please head down to the 7 Best Night Witch Decks section for detailed explanations on how to use her with almost every type of deck!

Bats are simply better Minions that die to Zap. Minions will surely fall out of the meta. I believe this card will be hit the hardest with the introduction of Bats and Night Witch.

With Bats and Night Witch in the game, Mega Minion will have a very hard time dealing with the swarm of Bats, both of which will probably be in the meta unless they receive nerfs or reworks.

Mega Minion will probably fall out of the meta if Night Witch remains popular. Bats and Night Witch are both excellent answers to Graveyard.

The former being a cheaper option while the latter offers a counter push. Poison and Freeze are expensive answers against the Night Witch, meaning that a surprise Graveyard push will almost never have enough elixir for those spells.

Zap is the optimal spell to get rid of Bats, but that means the tower will retarget onto the Skeletons resulting in less damage for the Graveyard player.

The cards usage will drop, but will still be used a lot because of bait decks. Though only the Lumberjack is present rarely in the current meta, there will most likely be 0 usage of these cards in the Night Witch meta.

This mustached fellow has a tough time against high DPS units. However, with the release of the Night Witch, the Knight struggles to take her on and cycle decks utilizing the Knight will most likely switch back to the Ice Golem.

Skarmy does an excellent job of cleaning up supports units. Against Night Witch, they will be able to take her out but the remaining bats will be monstrous.

There will usually be 6 or 8 after she dies. Additionally, Bats on offense will quickly wipe out the Skeletons from the army, resulting in a need to take out the Bats using splash units or spells.

Though they will probably still see some usage in 3 Musketeer decks, the few spell bait decks utilizing Minion Horde will most likely switch over to Bats as they simply offer much more utility in exchange for a bit of HP and DPS.

The prevalence of Zap will definitely hurt its usage. Many beatdown and cycle decks will want to carry Zap because of Bats.

Princess one shots Bats of any level. Executioner completely shuts down Night Witch and also kills Bats in one attack. The introduction of Bats and Night Witch is an indirect buff to the Ice Golem, as his frost nova now kills more than just Skeletons.

He negates almost all of the damage from a lone Night Witch and can eliminate a swarm of Bats if things get out of hand.

Ice Golem will most likely steal the role of the mini tank that the Knight usually fills in many decks. Wit the increased usage of splash attackers such as Executioner and Princess, Tornado will complement both cards, as well as counter Bats and Night Witch fairly well.

Wit the surge of Giant and Golem beatdown decks consisting of Night Witch, and a swarm card that Pekka ignores named Bats, Pekka will shine in this meta.

Spell bait decks will still be a pain for Pekka decks, however. Lightning kills the Night Witch, leaving her only her Bats left, which are much easier to deal with.

Though this is a negative trade, it will be very easy to find value with Lightning, on offense and defense. Lightning will probably be the heavy spell of choice for many decks, stealing the role of Fireball and Poison.

There are many known popular Night Witch decks out right now, and you may know quite a few of them. There are also many obscure ones that are hidden under the radar.

Do you have what it takes to master these decks? Using Lumberjack, he has surged to the top of the leaderboards.

Yet, people found out a way to make it even better. By replacing Lumberjack with Night Witch, people have destroyed in challenges and in ladder.

This deck is weak to many cards in the meta, such as Inferno Tower and Tornado. Consisting of 3 known low-tier cards and an average cost of 2.

I have used a variation of this deck with massive success, getting 12 wins in Classic Challenges and wins in Grands. Plus, I bested my trophy high of and kept on climbing; past 5k!

Shortly after people started winning the Night Witch Challenge, this deck was everywhere in challenges. Being a stable giant graveyard deck, many people flocked towards it; winning lots of battles.

This deck features reliable win conditions, well-rounded support troops, and the elixir pump. Finally, with the addition of skeletons, a player can cycle back quickly to their elixir collector, not losing much defensive value from picking another card.

Not only is it very fun to use, but also counters one of the most dreadful archetypes that there are: Tornado Control decks.

With the Mirror, a player can do a myriad of actions, such as mirroring the Elixir Pump for a bigger elixir advantage, mirroring the Night Witch to create a Bat storm, or mirror the Heal to power through the executioner-tornado-fireball combo!

The Night Witch, if used appropriately in conjunction with the Giant, can work wonders in actual gameplay.

How could any opponent tackle an air and ground combination, especially if they can be used together?

These two strategies work effectively in the lower arenas. However, you are bound to aim for the higher arenas after acquiring the most elusive Night Witch card.

This is the cheapest deck that you could use in conjunction with the Night Witch. The Arrows and Zap are mostly used for defense purposes.

Take down a swarm of troops with the help of those spells. The Giant should ideally be used as a surprise troop. At the start, all your need to do is to tackle any attack that might come your way with the help of Musketeer or Spear Goblins, along with the spells.

You may slip the Hog Rider in the other part of the arena just to frustrate your opponent. If you are able to defend your towers with the help of support troops apart from the Night Witch, you will stand a high chance of winning the battle with the Giant, Night Witch, and the Miner in tow in the double elixir stage of the game.

Any air troops can be countered with the help of the bats, so make sure that you deploy the Night Witch near the King Tower.

This is the second guide She really does shine in control decks despite beatdown seeming like her archetype. Spell bait decks will still be a pain for Pekka decks. Being a stable giant graveyard deck, many people Bayernlos Online Kaufen towards it; winning lots of battles. These two strategies here effectively in the lower arenas. Most strategies in CR rely on having a single main win condition, with go here whole deck centered around supporting it and making it successful.

Clash Royale Night Witch Video

NIGHT WITCH VS ELECTRO WIZARD - CLASH ROYALE CHALLENGE #163 Direkt zur Shout-Seite gehen. Angebotsformat Alle ansehen Angebotsformat. Nachteil wird sein, dass sie zuerst keine Lufteinheiten bekämpft, was dann durch das Erscheinen der Fledermäuse erledigt wird, welche aber schon nach 5 Sek kommen. Sie wird zumindest stärker als die Hexe sein, mit ihrem Stab. Verkaufte Artikel. Bendanke mich an Supercell. Mit Spotify finden in Beste Spielothek Rasenau. Frage an dich: wie alt bist du? Führe jetzt das Upgrade durch. Herren Gebraucht Kannst du uns helfen? Als Lieblingslied hinzufügen.

Clash Royale Night Witch Best Arena 3 Decks in Clash Royale (Barbarian Bowl, 800 - 1100 Trophy Range)

Https:// Spotify verbinden. Verbinde deine Spotify- und Last. Ich will die unbedingt haben. Weitere Als Lieblingslied hinzufügen. Hey, dir scheint die Diskussion zu gefallen, aber du bist nicht angemeldet. Benutzer-Menü Anmeldung Registrierung. Which is not really the case because of just how effective Executioner Tornado is. Hey, Clash Royale players from around the world! Deploy the Elixir Collector as soon as you get it. Be ready see more deal with the bats once she is killed because they would deal a ton of damage If protected. Rate this post. Additionally, Bats Chance Eurolotto offense will quickly wipe out the Skeletons from the army, resulting in a need to take out the Bats using splash units or spells. The Night Witch, if used appropriately in conjunction with the Giant, can work wonders in actual gameplay. Many clashers have known to try this strategy but to no avail. Instead, Night Witch offers pretty much all roles except mini tank she has DPS, fast speed, anti-air, fast hit rate trough the bats, swarm status which distracts single hitters and so on so mirroring her proves effective.

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